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Welcome :)

If you create an introduction you will automatically get signature permissions, in which you are more than welcome to link to your Facebook Page (permissions granted automatically 20 minutes after the hour, every hour; PM me on Facebook or use the contact forum if you're having trouble).
Yasha Dragons Okinawa
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Hey, welcome to the forum! I have never seen a dragon boat team practicing before. It'd be nice to catch you all out on the water one day and be able to meet up as well. And, if my day is open, see you all compete during a festival tool. We'll be rooting for you here at Okinawa.Org! :)
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Thanks for registering! I'll be up to WMD this weekend or the following for the stamp archival as well as to get a taste and add you to Places. I know you're not feeling the best now, so let me know when you're up to par again! :)