The Magnificent Yohena Hydrangea Garden
Yohena Hydrangea Garden - All You Need to Know


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Okinawa’s seasons are harder to define in comparison to mainland Japan, but they do exist. Spring brings numerous flower viewing opportunities.

Hydrangeas are probably the latest bloomers. They bloom from about mid-May to late June. Keep in mind typhoon season officially starts June 1. Delicate flowers don’t hold up to the ravages of strong wind, so make sure to see the flowers before Mother Nature has a tantrum & trashes the place.

The best spot to see these colorful blooms is at Yohena Hydrangea Garden. It’s located on a hillside that provides some gorgeous views from some of the higher paths. Some parts are stroller accessible, but baby carrying would be best as most of the paths are narrow, packed with other viewers, & go uphill. Heeled shoes are not recommended as the paths are uneven in several areas. While hydrangeas are the main attraction, there are other flowers as well. Research indicates the garden used to be a mikan orchard. Some mikan trees remain on the edges of the property.
There’s also a little cafe with drinks & kakigoori (shave ice) to reward you for all that walking.

Most people spend about an hour walking around. This would be a great stop on the way to the Churaumi Aquarium or perhaps after viewing the Pineapple Park.
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Hydrangea Garden Yohena繡球花, 1312 Izumi, Motobu, Okinawa, Japan


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I need to keep this in mind for next year! "Ajisai" are my favorite!
Our Okinawa events calendar is currently in beta and should be released soon.

We'll be adding this "event" to the calendar for one day (a general opening day some time in the middle of May, and shift the date as the time comes closer if they publish one).

Once the calendar is publicly released, you can mark yourself as "going" and you should get an email (or push/popup alert, if you have an Android phone or enabled them on your PC) notification prior to the 'event' so you don't forget to pay Yohena Hydrangea Garden a visit next year. ☺