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While it's only 900 square meters in size, and only two dedicated parking spaces, as if they'll ever be occupied at once, it does offer some activities for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Adults can murder their feet on this foot massage course.

Foot massage course at Yamashita Park in Naha

Once that's done, get some pullups in.

A pull-up and stretching bar at Yamashita Park

And then, give the back a nice stretch on this bench.

Stretch on the left of the bench and hit the muscles with a nice massage on the right

All the while, if you brought the toddlers along, they can play on the kid's toys in the park.

Toys to keep the little ones busy while you relax or explore

Or, just enjoy relax in some shade under this covered bench.

Covered bench at Yamashita Park in Naha

Even though this park is small, no worries! There are on-site facilities.

Yamashita Park restrooms

Generally, I wouldn't drop a pin to a park this small in magnitude. However, it's the location of Okinawa's oldest prehistoric site, the Yamashita-cho Cave 1.

Yamashita-cho Cave 1 in Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Japan, Okinawa, Naha, Yamashitacho, 27−5 山下洞穴遺跡公園

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