Yamashiro Coast
Yamashiro Coast - Public coastline in Itoman


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Dec 26, 2018
Yamashiro Coast is a beautiful strip of beach and coral coastline, when the tide is out, in Itoman which is almost near the most southern tip of Okinawa.

Panorama of Yamashiro Coast when the tide is out

It has lots to offer everyone: It's a great place to relax in the sun, build sandcastles with the kids, take the dogs for a walk, go tide-pooling, snorkeling when the tide is in, and I also hear it's a great spot to hit the waves and surf.

A nice walk along the beach at Yamashiro Coast Scuba diver or snorkeler preparing to enter the water

It's hard to see in these images the creatures that you can find in the tidepools, so I guess you'll just have to trust me that there's plenty in there—they're just too quick to capture.

One of many tide-pools found along the coastline of Yamashiro Coast

One thing I found that was odd, as I'm not a marine biologist, are these spider looking octopus. I honestly have no clue what their species is, but I felt it best not to disturb them at the time.

Most tide-pools at Yamashiro Coast are littered with these octopus-spider looking things. Any guess what they are?

Having gone to Toguchi Beach many times, I've witnessed some pretty big sea cucumbers. However, nothing matched the length and girth of this one. Though unlike Toguchi, you're not going to find many of these sitting around, you're more likely to find various tropical fish while the tide is out.

Largest sea cucumber I've seen found in a tide-pool of Yamashiro Coast

But as you can see, the place is riddled with tidepools to explore: From far left of the entrance to far right!

Tide-pools to the right of you ...and tide-pools to the left of you. Many tide-pools to see at Yamashiro Coast.

Finding the entrance to access Yamashiro Coast is a bit difficult, so be on the lookout for this "road" (loosely used, and you'll see why) to walk down to the coastline. The safer bet is to just park across the street and walk in as there are plenty of spaces there as roadside parking is prohibited from 0700 to 2100.

Entrance to the road/trail to Yamashiro Coast Parking across the street

On your walk down, you'll notice that it's very uneven and quite narrow for many vehicles.

Narrow road/trail to access Yamashiro Coast

Somehow, though, this kei truck decided to park at the end. I suppose there's enough turning radius to get back out, that is, if the second "parking spot"—which also leads to the coast, but on a coral side—isn't taken.

Farthest parking spot barely able to fit a kei van and the easiest way to get down to the coast Alternatively, you can park in the Y area as well as go down this side to Yamashiro Coast

I would prefer to take the left side down to the coast as it's much easier to access with rock cutouts and neatly placed sandbags for the extra steps down.

Access to Yamashiro Coast from the left of the Y where the van is seen parked.

Otherwise, you might find yourself backing all the way out. But by all means, if you're up to driving it, go for it!

Have fun and be safe!

A view of the rock face and beach from out in low tide at Yamashiro Coast Towards the sea in the deeper tide-pools looking back on the beach of Yamashiro Coast
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Yamashiro Coast, Komesu, 糸満市 沖縄県 Japan

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