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Why Can't I Post In Okinawa Pin Drops?

Okinawa Pin Drops is a new forum which allows for posting GPS coordinates (a requirement as some places are not indexed on Google); addresses of places that are auto-completed from a live search which will automatically populate the GPS coordinates; and as always, information, pictures, and anything else that they want to share about the place in a neatly formatted, clear, and concise manner.

Our intention with this forum is for everyone to post their favorite places for things to do in Okinawa that don't quite fit into our directory, Places.

However, due to it being so new, there are some kinks to still work out. So for the time being, we're keeping it under beta and restricted to select users to be able to post a pin drop.

If you would like to give this forum a whirl, drop staff a line in the Contact Okinawa.Org Support forum.

Though, anyone will still be able to join the conversation in any thread listed in Okinawa Pin Drops!
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