Where's Kirby?
Kirby, J. T. (USMC) - Dog tag found!


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I wish I had an interesting story to tell about how I ran across this dog tag, like finding it on a beach or a trail breaking through the brush in Okinawa, but I don't.

I was planning a trip to Hawaii and I had an old black USMC bag that I picked up somewhere in the region of 2012-2013.

When preparing for my trip, I came across a "secret" compartment in it that I never noticed before. Perhaps the compartment was to distinguish Kirby's USMC roller bag from others if need be? I don't know.

Kirby J. T. (USMC)

As everyone is on COVID-19 lockdown, I thought this would also be an opportune time to find Kirby, J. T. (USMC) and return his dog tag to him (or his next of kin, if necessary). I've found that the USMC is a small world, and those that you served with in Okinawa will rotate back and even those that you were in recruit training with will pass through as well.

That said, somebody has to know a Kirby, J.T. (USMC) Male/Christian (the blood type and first 2 of last 4 were blocked out).

I don't know when the USMC went from printing full social security numbers on dog tags to X'ing out everything except the last 4 to DOD ID numbers. With my social being on mine, issued in 2005, this can't be that old. However, with the lacking information, it could have been just about anybody of any rank, with a new dog tag.

Where's Kirby?
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