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Real or Fake?
Which photo is real and which photo is fake?


Okinawa.Org Staff
Here are two different images of our dog, @Marron, enjoying the tidepools at the beach. Remember that all images can be digitally manipulated in almost any way, which we will get into in short lessons, as opposed to high-five likes only.

If manipulation is your thing; if not, there's always going to be portraits, landscapes, architecture, etc.

Photo 1Photo 2
My Dog Marron at the beach in Itoman, Okinawa tide-pooling
My Dog Marron at the beach in Itoman, Okinawa tide-pooling
Real or fake?
Real or fake?
Considering for the moment that she is a well-behaved and untrained dog, forgetting everything I said in the show us your pets thread. Or, do you have anything to forget at all? 🤔

This is considered a fun thread for now in order to turn into a discussion later that will cover more techniques using Lightroom ("Lr") and even Photoshop ("Ps") with tutorial videos if applicable, with anyone able to jump in with their own way of doing things as there are always multiple approaches.

Once the poll ends in 14 days, this will be turned into a discussion unless replies are made prior that take this in the direction of a discussion (just be sure to back up your answer), which is always welcome! Otherwise, it would have been posted in Contests and Online Fun where we would post such things of ways to earn prizes and money or just random games to pass time for entertainment—this is photographer centric poll, so you might get a new medal had we continued to post there; though, we believe photographers need to have their own, separate fun, too! 🤘
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photo one is the fake, the dogs back has a section missing
Well, the clickbait couldn't fool you. ;)

I made this one of the first posts as an introduction to our Okinawa Photographers forum because I was tired of seeing ads to easily remove objects from your photos, as in, highlight the people or things in them with click 1-button erase because most of the time's, it's not that easy.

Secondly. nearly every photograph group on Facebook only exists because of people wanting thumbs up on their posts, which is all good as we all want to see that people like our work. But sometimes we have to ask ourselves, "What does that 'thumbs up' mean?".

This is where forums fill the void. This is because they give an exchange of information on top of the validation of work done.

Getting back on topic. In some cases, object removal is a fairly simple task to do.

Take Photoshop with its content-aware tool, for example, it does a great job of removing objects and replacing them with what it guesses is behind them. That is, if what's behind them can be easily replicated or guessed and is relatively an easy texture to reproduce as seen in the case below of the Nirai-Kanai bridge.

Say, an airplane that got in your shot for instance, easily removable.

A crowd of people without getting a snap of two without a person here or a person there to replicate an empty shot of just the Heart Rock on Kouri Jima (usually from a tripod)? Not so much.

Either way, you still might want to zoom in and out if you intend on making prints and clone stamping the area out to get the softness or hardness that you want.

Recovering the need of getting one or two more shots to get a good "fake", I already had it. I just didn't use the portion of the back to recover and only relied on cutting out and replacing what the software perceived.

I left it out to see if it was tricky enough, and, as it obviously wasn't. Because of this, I wouldn't have even spent $3.99 on it in the AppStore because anything can wait for object removal, tricky or not, and it's not really in my eyes worth that much because the app might be really only used once (that's 1/3rd a month's subscription to CC!).

Using the content-aware fill, clone stamp, and a few other tools such as brushes, you can get a good fake that I would even print an 8x10 on. But, I would have never gotten it this close with a $3.99 app.

And, don't expect it to take you a few minutes to do unless you're just practicing. ;)

A faked photo of Marron of her leash at the beach
Canon 5D Mark IV: ISO 100; 24mm; f/10; 1/200 sec.

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