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Unless a thread or post grossly violates the rules of Okinawa.Org, wherein it will be removed from public view altogether, it most likely landed in the Recycle Bin forum. It will retain the same title as the thread it originated in, or in the case of an entire thread, it and its replies completely moved to there, also keeping the same title.

Members can view, but not reply, to a thread in the Recycle Bin. This is so that we keep censorship to a minimum while retaining a good standing with Google, Bing, etc. by hiding low-quality posts from those that aren't members, e.g., robots such as Google crawling and ranking this site.

If you feel that a post in the Recycle Bin should be restored, the first step to do would be to Report it, providing a valid argument as to why it belongs in its original place. If the report is initially rejected, feel free to Contact Okinawa.Org Support to have a discussion surrounding that thread or post.

The Recycle Bin will not be linked to, for apparent reasons already mentioned. However, it can be accessed and browsed by all members by going to the Recycle Bin sub-forum in the Archive of Okinawa Forum.
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