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Jan 18, 2019
I need business cards within the next day or two! Is it possible to get business cards made this quickly in Okinawa?
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Jan 18, 2019
Yes, absolutely!

There is a print shop with two locations in Okinawa. The main store is in Okinawa City and the other branch is in Naha City.

They are able to give you the next day (to possibly longer) turnaround time—but will inform you whether they can meet your deadline before starting the printers up.

First-time buyers will have to pay a basic fee whether they select one-sided or two-sided business cards. On top of this, they will charge for a logo addition or some sort of photo as well. All cards can be ordered in sets of 100 on single-sided monochrome, double-sided monochrome, single-sided color, double-sided color, and single-sided color with a single-sided monochrome paper; all at very reasonable and competitive rates!

Subsequent orders will only have to pay the print fee for the batches of 100 unless there needs to be a minor update such as a phone number or address change.

Just be aware that Laminex Center may not be able to print American-sized business cards. The Japanese standard, referred to as Yongo, is 91mm by 51mm while American-sized business cards are slightly smaller at 89mm by 51mm. If it's important to you to get the American-sized cards, VistaPrint may be up your alley, except it'll be a much longer wait time.

If you're tech-savvy with Photoshop or Illustrator, you can save a bit by designing your own cards for Laminex to print. However, you may need to make a visit to get a PSD/AI document with the right measurements for editing so you don't waste valuable time to be a millimeter or two off.

Laminex Center also offers a wide variety of other services such as flyer creation, menus, poster prints, CAD drawing prints, large signboard and banner prints, and typical scanning and digitalization services, lamination, and more.

But if you're in a rush to get those cards, stop by either the Okinawa City office as soon as possible:

Or the Naha City Office:

Before "too late" becomes too late!

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