Answered Where can I get pictures printed from my iPhone/Android?


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I would like to get pictures printed directly from my iPhone or Android smartphone or SD card (micro or regular).

Does anyone know of a place where I can get this type of service done?
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Kitamura Camera, in Chatan (while there are other shops on island as well), is definitely a one-stop-shop for all your printing needs. They have many different kinds of connectors to print from just about any device, to include iPhone and Android, as well as via mini/SD cards with dedicated card slot readers.
Kitamura Camera – Chatan

Central  Kitamura Camera – Chatan

Kitamura Camera is the perfect place for any level photographer – from beginner to advance – to browse through.
If you're looking for higher quality prints on different types of paper or even photos placed onto different products such as calendars, etc., this should be your go-to place.


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When I'm not in a hurry, which I typically never am when it comes to making a print, I choose to use the copy machine at Family Mart to get around 5x7 prints done. It's convenient as there's a location pretty much anywhere I'd be, and best of all, inexpensive at 30 yen per print.

The only downside to this is that it's printed on glossy paper.

Though, the upside to this is that you can print directly from any Wi-Fi enabled device, such as an iPhone or Android smartphone, with a step-by-step guide once you change the copier to English or your preferred language.

These copiers use an app called PrintSmash to get the job done. It essentially sends the photos (or documents) that you want to be printed from your phone wirelessly to the copy machine to review and print. You can get ready prior to going to Family Mart by downloading and installing the app from the Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhone (on-screen instructions displayed on the copier about how to install it with an iPhone) so you can be prepared to print on your way in. Additionally, you won't have to use mobile data on the spot while there to get the job done either.

With that said, I do like the ease and comfort of using the kiosks set up at Kitamura to make prints as well. There's a lot more flexibility in what can be done, from sizes to paper types, and even products that you can order to be printed on. For photographers, whether professional or hobbyist, this place can be a bank account death trap as they sell a lot of camera gear, to include used parts covered by store credit warranties. Keep reminding yourself that you're only there to make prints! ?

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