Answered Where can I find wood pallets or 2x4s in Okinawa?


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I'm looking for wood, whether it be 2x4s to pallets.

Does anyone know where I can find any of these types of wood and a lot of it?
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The home improvement store, Makeman, which can found throughout Okinawa in various cities, will have both 2x4s (closer to 38 x 89 mm) and pallets. While the former will be easier to pick up because you can purchase it cut to size in the wood section as well as many different types of woods, while the latter may be harder to find.

This is due to the language barrier and you may find it hard to communicate that you're looking for pallets (パレット / paletto). Additionally, pallets might not even be free, if that's what you're seeking; they could even only have steel or plastic on site too.


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For those with base access, pallets can typically be found behind the BX and commissaries. I wouldn't recommend just taking them unless you speak with management first.

Another method to check is to drive by shops (or call some ahead of time) that are known to have a lot of pallets, such as warehouses on Camp Kinser or other bases. If you're looking for free lumber to burn, it's worth a shot to ask workers there if you can take a few off their hands. Again, it's not recommended to just take them without permission or sneak them after hours as some contractors and shops have recycling contracts with local companies that pick up their palettes. In my experience, most will not be reluctant to hand them over.

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