Answered Where can I dispose of a car battery in Okinawa?

Where Can I Get Rid Of A Car Battery?


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Is there a particular place to dispose of a car battery?
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Brett Pitt at Auto Shop Z can surely help you out! They have two locations, one farther away for most in Kin. However, you can give them a call at 090-8292-0329 if in the area to see if they will provide this service for you there.

The other location is across the street right outside of Kadena Airforce Base Gate 1 and is more conveniently located for a lot more people to dispose of their batteries.

Auto Shop Z – Kadena

Central  Auto Shop Z – Kadena

Auto Shop Z is a Veteran Owned and Operated car dealership located outside Gate 1 of Kadena AB between the Family Mart and gas station.