Question When will the Ishikawa Rope Trails open up again?

In answer to the question, "When will the ISHIKAWA ROPE TRAILS adventure course by the Ishikawa Youth Center OPEN UP AGAIN ???", the answer is...


While GOOGLE MAPS tags it as being "TEMPORARILY CLOSED", this is an error, and it should read PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Map Link HERE:

DETERIORATION due to having had NO BUDGET for maintenance, (and now no budget to raze it, either), it will sit there CLOSED until they DO get the money to break it down.

After it's gone, the Prefecture has NO BUDGET and NO PLANS to replace it, and it will only exist in the happy memories of those who had fun there.

MT. ISHIKAWA itself is now open, and you may hike the trails to the summit as much as you want.

The above posted info was approved by three Prefectural sources in both Ishikawa and the Government Office in Naha that takes care of these things.
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