when do you think Okinawa will see tourist return again

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I got to see Okinawa ( a bit of it ) in August. Got to say it was too hot to do any real heavy cycling around the island, but route 58 was interesting.
It also was nice that the hotel rates were reasonable like 36 bucks a night with breakfast too.
Maybe next time I visit I''ll be able to team up with some you there.
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"when do you think Okinawa will see tourist return again"​

I had an oven repair job today in Miyagi (Sunabe seawall) and it was packed with new divers so I'm pretty sure they the tourist are already coming back. That area is usually packed with Americans but there were not many today mostly Asian faces


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Tourism has been on a rise for a while.

But perhaps you're asking when we'll see the 10s of millions return?

I don't know. C19 hurt a lot of tourist-centric businesses in the hot spots that tourists wanted to visit. Now that they're shuttered, is there reason to come?

I'm speaking mainly from a perspective from here in Naha, Okinawa's capital. I don't see as large as an impact in Chatan/Mihama. My hypothesis about this is that they were being held up by both the Japanese and American G.I. population instead of mainly tourists. I believe these businesses can hang on longer and it will be easier for them to adapt to conditions if things end up lasting longer.


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I wouldn't mind if they stayed away :) It's kind of nice to be able to drive to different houses within 20 minutes in what used to take 30-45 minutes

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