Question What website do you use to find homes for sale in Okinawa?


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Feb 3, 2021
Can I ask what site you guys use to look for houses? I have been using but wonder if there is one that is updated more frequently or more focused on Okinawa.
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Dec 26, 2018
When I look for land, homes, or apartments (mansions) for sale in Okinawa, I use Goohome. This site has practically all the listings to buy a used/remodeled home/apartments with all the pertinent information (such as if you own the land or not on a house).

From this website, I found RC Works designs. I love their compact 3-floor plan with two bedrooms on the bottom floor and two bedrooms on the 3rd floor, but a hybrid with penthouse roof access would be best. This is because I could utilize less land for living and then section off lots to be sold for a profit later.

These two options only exist assuming you can get a mortgage, be that a traditional 20, 30, or 40-year mortgage or a flat 35 mortgage in Japan.

I do not qualify for any mortgage, that I know of, so my option may be to go with Kyan as the construction company and have them build an RC Works-type design.

I've already met with the construction company Kyan in Urasoe. They were pretty nice explaining everything to me and I understand why the interest rates are what they are for them. They secure ten-year business loans to build homes for customers like me that can't get a mortgage; divvy up what a home would cost simply dividing it by 10 years and then find the monthly rate (45,000,000 yen = 375,000 yen per month [$450,000 = $3750], and that's just the principal). ?

I'll likely have to pay all cash or as much in cash that I can and then approach Kyan again to knock that monthly payment down to something reasonable for us.

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Mar 26, 2020
We bought a home here in Japan, but usually (100% ) of the time, the title goes into the husbands name. My wife was able to get both our names on the mortgage . I think it was a 35 year type with none of this 2 bonus payments going into the mortgage. I think the interest rate was near 3 % at the time. I think our payments were around 70000 yen a month.