Question What is the process for extending a tourist visa on Okinawa?


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Hello, i come from Germany and i plan a WORKLESS touristtrip (3,5 months) through japan with the end in Naha, so i will have to extend my visa (possible?) in the immigration Office.
If anyone have experience with it, it woud be nice if you can share it with me. I have the following questions:

1. Can i get an extension of my tourist visa from 90 to 180 days in Naha?

2. Are they any special documents i need? ( I will have my passport, identity card, enought money and a flight ticket)

3. How long is the working process approximately for the extension, because i will be in Naha after 2,5 months staying in Japan

Many Greetings from Germany
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I am a bit confused with the wording on tourist visas of those from Germany. It states that they are allowed to be on a visa of 6 months, but in another section states that they must also apply for an extension of period of stay as well.

1. To answer your question thoroughly, you should visit either the immigration office in Naha or the immigration branch in Kadena.

Naha District Immigration Office

Naha  Naha District Immigration Office

The Naha District Immigration office is the main immigration office in Okinawa.

2. Looking at page 3 of the Application for Extension of Period of Stay document (which I would fill out there and not print and bring in due to paper differences [size: A4]), it leads me to believe that you may need to bring a printout of hotel receipts, if any, and your return ticket (if you have one). Though not requirements, these documents could help the approval process.

The only requirements stated are:
  • The above application
  • A 4 centimeter by 3 centimeter passport type photo that can be taken in any photo booth or photo studio such as Kitamura Camera.
  • Other documents:
    • Cultural activities: Documents on the types of activities you want to engage in as well as organizations you will be affiliated with (most likely not applicable to you) as well as documents that show you can defray all the expenses incurred during the stay in Japan (bank records, etc.).
    • Designated activities: Documents certifying annual income and tax payments, or that the person can defray all the expenses incurred during the stay in Japan (bank statements, etc.).
  • A passport and residence card (or alien registration certificate deemed equivalent to a residence card, most likely the paper in your passport).
Please keep in mind that any documents you bring in will not be returned, so bring copies that you don't mind turning over and not originals.

3. The process seems to take two weeks to three months, usually being on the shorter end.

Your best bet is to either of the offices as I'm not quite entirely sure how other countries, besides America, are treated.


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Thank you very much. "Your best bet is to either of the offices as I'm not quite entirely sure how other countries, besides America, are treated." Yeah , i think thats what i have to do inspite of my bad english and less bureaucracy competence :D. What do you exactly mean with the residence card and annual income / tax payments, ? I will end my job for the trip but will have enough money on the bank. i will also have my passport with the „Temporary Visitor“ in it (90 days) is it enough? Further: Do you have an idea if i can stay in japan when the 90 days expires during the working process of the extension? Greeting :))


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What do you exactly mean with the residence card and annual income / tax payments, ?

I went for a marriage visa and then permanent residency.

If I recall correctly with the marriage visa, they only wanted to see around 300,000 in a Japanese savings account and previous work history. As far as permanent residency, I showed them an ATM receipt, as it was in an international bank account, that showed my balance and last 4 or 5 digits of my card number.

You should be fine if you can show receipts (not required proof) of how you're staying here as well as if you have enough money to make it another 90 days, which anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 yen should suffice—less if you have prepaid expenses such as your hotel, etc.

Temporary Visitor“ in it (90 days)

This is a definite requirement to bring. And if I recall correctly, switching or extending visas is not a problem. All they will do is "restamp it" (staple a piece of paper in where your old one is) and then it's the wait game.

You'll receive a postcard in the mail in as little as two weeks telling you (in Japanese) if you were approved or not. Then, you just go back in to immigration and get a new stamp with a new exit date and I believe to city hall, if you have a residence card, for them to write your new exit date on the back.

Different visas require different things, which sometimes "change", so I do think you should go in.

I would recommend Naha over the Kadena branch though as I believe their interpreter and assistant is much better at handling foreign language questions.

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