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What 'Okinawa Small Businesses' Is

An area to ask questions from A to Z on building a business in different areas and asking for assistance in finding the right influencers to follow (hopefully not buying into their courses). Rather, listen to what they have to say and then find others that successfully applied their lessons, or close to, and have succeeded—remembering that each person defines success in a different manner so this could be anything from making enough money to go out one more time per week to have a second full-time income or more.

A place to discuss how your business is doing, what industry it may be in, where it first began, and where it is now.

What 'Okinawa Small Businesses' Is Not

A place to post an advertisement for your business or allude to your business in any way.

In conclusion...

If the content of your post is good, the business will be merely edited out and you will be warned for your actions. Subsequent warnings will lead to a ban, at least from this area of the forum.

These are basic primitive rules on what 'Okinawa Small Businesses' should be about and I believe that we can all follow them. We can learn from each other. That said, @David will be making rounds in posting what works for him as he expands the umbrella of Okinawa.Org.
The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of Okinawa.Org.

island cyclist

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If I want to open up and an English conversation school, what locations would you suggest at this time in this market.
I do have a question though... would house calls ( private teaching ) be appropriate?

Also, what would one charge per hour for a private lesson for a conversation class in the general field of everyday English conversation?

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