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Dec 17, 2018
PhotoOkinawa is a forum for photographers, to include cinematographers, to join, as well as models and makeup artists.

The general Facebook groups centered around Photography seem to lack one key aspect. They are in it for them and not the community. Photographers, et al., expect feedback from their work, but never explain the steps that they accomplished to get to that point.

Photography is almost a science, whether you're shooting with natural light or light sources of your own. It is very difficult to replicate the same shot, if ever. So, it's best to attempt to nail it the first time.

There's no problem showing off your work in Okinawa Photographers for likes and to build an online portfolio showing off work done in Okinawa, up to 70-megapixels+ (and possibly the RAW file if that's voted in). However, it should contain the basic 3 settings, found in the exposure triangle: The ISO, the shutter speed and the aperture.

With this info, most people can generally aid in assisting you to get a better shot, or, they might not need it at all and bluntly tell you that you missed focus. Though include the info, take the critique, and get the shot the next time. It will only make you a better photographer in the long run.

Do you think 100 likes on Facebook, Instagram (now hidden) or 500px (never used) or whatever is next is going to be better than 1 person telling you that you missed focus or there's too much saturation or, in their opinion, it's too soft?

Additionally, you'll not waste cloud space, if the RAW is voted in and the 70-megapixel JPEG is saved on Okinawa.Org, if it's Okinawa related (a background, etc.) and be able to visit the same image 10 years ago to make new RAW edits, possibly a creative crop, and have an entirely new image.

Who knows?
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