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Dec 26, 2018
What did you do today or what are your plans for the night?

I got to enjoy the day with my wife and dog, @Marron, and explored more of southern Okinawa; Itoman, to be exact. We ended up going up and down roadways, not following any sort of plan or GPS, and just getting lost sometimes. It ended us in some peculiar spots, but, it was enjoyable to see new things nonetheless.

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After driving around some farming roads, we hopped back on a "main road" and followed it straight. It ended up T'ing with a known road that headed towards Peace Prayer Park. But, I decided to take a random right and it hooked us around in a nice neighborhood with a view of a beach, a beach I wanted to see, but had to loop around to get there.

So, I finally turned on GPS and got down to the beach. After parking, I couldn't help but notice this beautiful hibiscus in the parking lot.

It turns out, we wound up at John Man Beach. I didn't recognize it at first because the tide was out, but I immediately knew I was there before when I saw the turtle statue that greets you in the parking lot. It was several years ago that I went, possibly around 8, so it was very unfamiliar besides that unforgettable turtle.


Last time we went, we went to scuba. It's a great location to scuba if that's your thing. But this time, after venturing down the trail alongside the cliff, I learned that it was a historical site as well.

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I'll post more on that at a later time.

For now, it's time to begin my night, though!
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