History Venture Into The Darkness Of Todoroki Trench



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While doing more research on Torodoki Trench after the fact, I found out more surprising details of the site that made me quite sad, if true.

It's said that the Japanese Imperial Force's encampment of the trench was found by U.S. forces due to a screaming baby out of hunger, and because of that, the baby was strangled to death by Japanese forces.

There were also other atrocities that took place by the Japanese in the trench as well. Anyone that was Okinawan or spoke the local dialect was either expelled into the fierce battle or killed by a sword as though they were spies.

The American's may have played an immoral role in the warfare surrounding the trench as well. United States Army Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr., then commander of the U.S. forces, was killed in action by the bombardment of the Japanese army in the Maesato village on June 18, 1945. Because of this, it is said that some U.S. forces took retaliation and murdered civilians and surrendering Japanese forces that were within the cavern.


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