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One of the first situations that you might come across to practice your Japanese might be in a restaurant when ordering food. So, here is some easy casual Japanse that you can learn and actually use in a restaurant.

Most of the time that you are with friends you are probably using verbs in your conversation in questions like "where are we going?", "what do you want to do?", etc…

However, in a restaurant, adjectives should be the most used. Today I will show you some of them in example sentences so that you can put them to use yourself.

With adjectives, Japanese should start with a noun, then an adjective. As it was mentioned before, no particles are used in most casual Japanese.

Is this delicious?
Kore oishii?
(this, delicious)

Is that expensive?
Are takai?
(that, expensive)

Also, if you would like to add the name of a food, you can replace the "-re" part with "-no" so it can lead to a noun.

Is (this pasta) cold?
(Kono-pasuta) tsumetai?
(this, pasta, cold)
♦ Not "kono tsumetai"

Is that pizza spicy?
(Ano-piza) karai?
(that, pizza, spicy)
♦ Not "ano karai"

In addition, if you would like it to be polite you can simply add "-desuka?" to the adjective, as "-ka" is added for questions as well. However, just remember that it can be added to an adjective, not a verb.

Is this green tea hot?
(Kono ocha) atsui desuka?

The more adjectives that you know, the more opportunities you'll get to speak Japanese. So, don't wait to start learning them too!
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