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How to quickly get your COVID-19 stimulus check in Okinawa


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Someone had replied to this elsewhere and had this to say:
If you filed electronically in 2018 or 2019 w/direct deposit you needn’t do anything.
Attached link will not speed up the process as the IRS already has the information on file.
We're unsure what these tools do, besides possibly help you file late if you forgot do your 2018 or 2019 taxes to speed things up, or perhaps add direct deposit information to the IRS. However, it appears to us that you'll get your coronavirus stimulus check when you get it.

We'd advise you to look more into what these tools are providing and ensure that they're free to use instead of a payment to possibly "track" when the direct deposits were sent to you. There's no reason to pay for them if it's coming, unless they can add direct deposit info to get it faster over a physical check. Even then, if they are capable of doing so, it'd have to be a small fee as people are hurting.

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