Tomori Stone Lion
The Tomori Stone in Yaese, Okinawa


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One of the most iconic photos taken during the Battle of Okinawa is of soldiers huddled behind the Tomori Large Stone Lion observing the hillsides and cliffs ahead through their binoculars.

Close replication with the angle of the original Tomori Stone Lion WWII Battle of Okinawa picture

The Tomori Lion is located in the Tomori District of Yaese, Okinawa, an area of southern Okinawa.

The monument was originally erected in 1689 to protect the area of Tomori from prevalent fires that were occurring. It stands in at 141.2 cm tall and 175.8 cm in length.

You can still see that it's scarred from its wounds in battle, but it lived through it, unlike many other structures in Okinawa, and remains the oldest shisa lion on Okinawa.

Battle wounds of the Tomori Lion

The Tomori Lion was designated a tangible folk cultural property of Japan (Okinawa) on December 2, 1974.

Today, the people of Tomori gather every October 1st for a Fire Prevention Ceremony.

Accessing Tomori Lion:

Accessible from many roadways and directions, you will eventually run into this one leading up a hill marked with a small white sign labeling its location.

Roadway leading to Tomori Stone Lion Tomori Lion final marker

Go up the roadway and there will be parking to the right.

Tomori Lion parking lot

You'll go up the first stairway, up the second, and over the arched bridge.

First stairway to Tomori Lion Stairway and arch bridge to Tomori Lion

You will be greeted by the Tomori Lion on your immediate right.

Tomori Lion - Up close

There are two picnic tables in the park. One on an observation deck with great vantage points.

Tomori Lion observatory pano picnic table

The other in the grassy area.

Lone picnic table at the site of the Tomori Lion

Tip: If you don't want to be eaten alive by mosquitos, bug-spray should be packed.
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Tomori Lion, 58 Tomori, Yaese, Okinawa, Japan

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