More Stairs Than The Stairway To Heaven!
Tobi-asato First Flight Monument - Pictures


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Dec 26, 2018
After a tip from @Rob Oechsle about a staircase possibly longer than the Stairway to Heaven, I plugged the GPS coordinates into my map. Lo and behold, it was only about a 15-minute drive from home, so there was no reason not to check it out.

It's not hard to miss driving in from any direction as there are two distinct landmarks. One of which is the roadway up to the staircase itself, where I decided to back in and park.

Road up to the beginning of the stairway to the Tobi-asato First Flight Monument

The other is the fire station at the T intersection. I've decided to pin this location for the stairway due to the monument not being on Maps as of this post. I'll update the pin to be just across the street when and if it's added.

Fire station adjacent to the monument pathway

Whether you park where I did or walking in from another direction, you'll head up that roadway and be faced with the sign as well as the first flight of 31 stairs.

Tobi-asato First Flight Monument sign First flight of stairs to the Tobi-asato First Flight Monument

The first flight will lead you to the top where you'll walk (or run) a slight incline to the main portion of the stairway to the Tobi-asato First Flight Monument.

Slight incline after the first 31 stairs

After the incline, you'll turn right and up you go another 200 stairs with the pitch and rise or the stairs changing ever so often and even wrapping you around to the right and left until you reach the monument.

Second flight of stairs with a pretty typical pitch and rise Third flight of stairs with a minor differences in pitch and rise

Here you'll be able to take in what's left of the scenic view, as it now looks to be overgrown, and see the monument itself. I took some time to take an HDR shot on a Galaxy Note 9, which was no easy feat getting it without a tripod or stand.

Tobi-asato First Flight Monument (HDR)

If you were counting along, you'd notice that was only 231 steps in total. In order to get to the full count of 274 and surpassing the length of the Stairway to Heaven, you'll have to pass the monument on another 43 steps.

However, once you reach the top, you might be wondering where the stairs that go down from there lead you: They take you to a shrine.

Shrine after Tobi-asato First Flight Monument

Where I took another HDR shot, which was easier to do with stairs to support the phone.

A marker of some kind at the shrine (HDR)

But if you count the stairs going up and away from the monument, why not count the stairs descending and ascending at the top too? If you include those, it'll bring the total up to 295 (only counting the "up" portion of the 21 stairs there and not the round trip).

Is it disingenuous to not count the additional 21 stairs and it be a stairway of 274 or to include them and it be a stairway of 295 instead? ?
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