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As of December 31, 2018, Okinawa.Org opens its doors to the public for alpha testing on early release beta software (huh?). We are asking the first members to give us critical feedback on site usage to make it a better place for all interested in Okinawa to use.

This site is built on a forum base and maybe a little difficult for some to use, which is understandable as it's not a widely used format these days.

Those familiar with the social media network Reddit may find navigating around a little easier (and some of its functional style to be implemented soon). However, for some, it may not; and for you, we've set up a forum— Contact Okinawa.Org Support —for specifically speaking privately with all staff members, be it for help navigating the site or to discuss something else in private.

Other than a forum, what is Okinawa.Org?
Okinawa.Org logo - Colors inspired by the flag of Okinawa

Our initial goal was to develop Okinawa.Org into a business directory, or Okinawa yellow pages of sorts, only. We did include that idea with "Places", but we also expanded on it by including everything such as all Okinawa tourist attractions, hiking trails, dog-friendly spots, and more.

All I see is a business directory. Boring!

Well, if you take a closer look at what we're doing with Okinawa.Org's directory, we're offering exclusive savings to our members—you can access these by clicking the "Coupon" tab above the listing. At the time of writing, we only have two places listed, and both of them (Bollywood Okinawa Dreams & Jewel) offer discounts at the register if you show them the coupon on a mobile device (tip: you must be logged in to this site to see the coupon and redeem it). Don't worry, though. There are many more Places to be added.

As time passed, our vision of what this site could be, grew. So, we've added a blog to the forum; a blog that not only serves as one in the traditional sense but also as a news portal as well. This will feature what you would normally expect from a media site with the addition of Okinawa news as well. This news will be a combination of aggregated and curated articles from reputable sources, including our own pieces, that can range from anything about base to the weather conditions here on the island.

Our blog is also integral to Places as we will include things to do in Okinawa in itinerary formats and in other manners as well.

What else is Okinawa.Org?

Okinawa history preservation.
Plain and simple, with our media gallery you will be able to preserve history. We accomplish this by dedicating all of our resources to just Okinawa and not friends, family, and cute cat pictures that you would see on Facebook feeds (though, if relatable, they're welcome too as we have a 14.4 MB 8-megapixel example of our dog, Marron, enjoying herself at the Okinawa ice skating rink's parking lot [WARNING: This may eat your mobile data and only registered members can see!])

To illustrate the simplest point, below is an example of The Cheese Guy, John Davis. One may still enjoy this picture, and his delicious cheese of course, but to the left of the black line is Okinawa.Org's compressionless high-quality version of the image, while to the right is how Facebook posts, all the while, sabotaging the quality.
The Cheese Guy (Nanjo) - Example of image quality on Okinawa.Org

While it's still a great picture to look at on the web, and to the naked eye has an indiscernible difference, either way, imagine the scenario of trying to develop it. With this photo, it would be difficult to get a good print done because its original dimensions that are not shown here—but can be seen in our gallery tab above—were 1500x1000 (1.5 MP and high quality), but Facebook made it impossible, by resizing it to 960x640 (a little over half a megapixel and lower quality).

A 10-megapixel photo with the excellent quality that I just uploaded to Facebook saved it at half a megapixel too. Half!

Enough with the technical jargon: This all means that while you can enjoy photos now, on the web, that might not be the case forever as technology evolves. It's possible that the older ones, ones taken today, will fade with time, much like your grandmother's that you found in your mom's basement. That is, unless, they are forever preserved here at the highest quality and size possible.

Ok, so, what?

There is also a classifieds section being built and tested at the moment. News on its final release, or one that is a bit more functional, will come after the holidays.

That's all we have available to the public, for now. By joining, and subscribing to our mailing list, you're locking yourself in for a wild ride as we move from our alpha stage, on beta software still being developed behind the scenes, into a full-blown functional website. These things don't just happen overnight.

There are many more features in the works that we're keeping a secret, for now. We will address them as the time of release nears or when they're ready for the live site.

More importantly...

Okinawa.Org can be whatever you want it to be, with the right implementations and if you stick around long enough to wait it out.​
The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of Okinawa.Org.

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