Memory The Kokusai cat that made more money than me!


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It's no secret that many Americans that come back to Okinawa after the military have a difficult time getting on their feet. I was no exception; I lost a lot from TMO'ing things to make a life back in the States only to come back to Okinawa 3 months later with nothing but a suitcase or two and a lot of debt.

I just opened MySpace for the first time in years (cringe) to reminisce on those times and came across this cat on Kokusai street. The vendor appeared to be selling cheap hairbands marked up quite a bit, but the interesting thing was that this cat was trained and had more money in his bucket than I made in a month at the time in a day (well, not quite as much, but he was doing good for himself 😆).


The caption reads, "he is a street performer but makes more money than me =O".
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I wonder if he's still out there entertaining tourists passing by.

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