Sitting, watching, and waiting forever at the mouth of the Henan River in Northern Okinawa...

A close up of the Henan River dog rock, a natural rock formation along Route 58 in northern Okinawa The dog sitting atop his hill at the mouth of the Henan River in northern Okinawa

...not carved. All-natural. And when you change the direction of view, it morphs into a gorilla-looking face and even a goofy crocodile head. However, I like the "dog" view...
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Okinawa.Org Staff
It looks like a pretty good spot to get out and stretch your legs, as well as take a photo or two with it as a backdrop if you happen to be traveling Route 58 that far north.

I'll put this on my 'stop' list to take a break and check out the dog myself one day. :)