INFO The Difference Between "Okinawa Pin Drops" and "Places"

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Okinawa Pin Drops vs. Places
Okinawa Pin Drops vs. Places


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Jan 2, 2019
Finding things to do in Okinawa can be a daunting task, whether you're planning a trip to come here or have been here a while already but just ran out of ideas.

That is why we separated Places from our Okinawa Pin Drops forum. These areas of Okinawa.Org serve two distinct purposes.

"Places" acts as a local business directory, or as Okinawa yellow pages, to say the least, to find the best restaurants in Okinawa to assisting you to find a car lot for buying a car in Okinawa and everything else in between.

The forum, Okinawa Pin Drops, on the other hand, serves as a resource for finding unique things to do in Okinawa as well as pointing out some great Okinawa sightseeing spots and attractions.

Both areas are completely free to use to compile your own Okinawa itinerary for the time that you're here, or perhaps, to put together some ideas for a staycation for the long-term residents of Okinawa.

With all that being said, registration on Okinawa.Org is required if you want to add anything to Places or to share your own finds in Okinawa Pin Drops as well as to comment or leave reviews.
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