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I don't consider myself a professional photographer—not even by a long shot. I'm still learning the tricks and trade of photography and working with I got to get my preferred style down.

There are some interesting shots that I like to chase, one of which being an adventurous hunt of sunsets on the west coast of Okinawa.

A sunset is always perfect, when visible, as it's an indicator of the end of the day with a new one beginning shortly thereafter; it's also a time to sit down and reflect on the day behind you to try and perfect yourself and make personal changes for the day ahead of you.

I just recently started taking sunset shots, and hope to continue. Though, I'd love to catch some perfect ones of the sun dipping over the water and splitting in half right over the East China Sea without any clouds or haze interfering with it.

On April 1st, I had the luxury to spend the day out with my daughter who had fun taking pictures of the sunset and surroundings on her—well, my old cellphone—as well as the sunset.

This is what I captured yesterday (the 1st):

And, I tried to get a good shot of it from Senega Island but had forgotten that the 2nd airstrip being built has some interfering light poles to which I assume will aide in helping airplanes find the airstrip. It was a good view, but I just didn't like the obstruction. So, I drove on off to Toyosaki Total Park in Tomigusuku where I was only able to get a glimpse of the sun before it hid by then. Though, I got to walk my dog @Marron around the park for a bit afterward so it wasn't a total loss.

While sunsets from the shoreline may be my thing, I encourage you to use our media gallery and post your sunsets, be it in an urban area tucking away behind a high-rise apartment or from the east side of Okinawa going over a hill. Go ahead and add them to the Okinawa Sunsets gallery for all to enjoy!

I will continue to add to the gallery myself and post the pictures in this thread, so follow it if you wish.
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I was with my daughter this Monday when we saw this beautiful sunset on the western coast of southern Okinawa before enjoying a daddy/daughter date at a sushi-go-round.

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