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I am disgusted with Hollywood, and refuse to give them any more money
You might enjoy Cinema Palette (Naha/Kokusai Street) then. Their lineup usually consists of movies that a lot can resonate with as they grew up with them as children. While some, even then, lacked morals, a lot more were family friendly and/or wholesome.

Watching a 2nd (or even a 10th) time on the big screen is still sometimes fun. :)


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Nature is the only entertainment one needs, go outside, it's all there, free
Not everyone can enjoy themselves outdoors all the time. :)

That's why we have a section of indoor things to do with the Places directory—mainly for local businesses, which anyone can add (anonymous) reviews to—and a well-balanced selection of reading material for things to do indoors and outdoors in the Okinawa Blog.

We also have an Okinawa Pin Drops forum which focuses more on the outdoorsy stuff. Though there's so much to do outside in Okinawa, it's so slow to add to as we're always out and about trying to find new places. If you have anything to share that others may enjoy seeing/doing outdoors that's not listed, go ahead and post it there with a picture or two and what it is! (...and if it is there, feel free to add your experience of the place for others to get a more balanced view) :giggle:

It's hard to please everyone. ;)


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Outdoors or read books, internet does not matter, stay away from TV and anything that comes from Hollywood/Disney

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