Some pictures I took the other day out cycling

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Mar 26, 2020
The weather now is warming up and it is time to cycle out in the countryside. I try to be adventurous as possible, makes cycling more enjoyable. I always cycle by myself, although here in town they have a cycling club, but I feel out of place and I think they are mostly into see who can go the fastest. LOL

Here's some pictures of Yamaguchi-ken

My typical lunch. sardines, crackers and pretz. Sign says that the wild pigs want you for lunch so be careful not to get eaten up by them
45  lunch time.jpg

Oh, and mixed nuts too!
46 lunch time.jpg

Pretty cool, got my own little private chair and table
48 lunch with table.jpg

Got to chat with this farmer. She's collecting this type of grass that is edible and looks like a seahorse. You can tempura it also. Very good for the blood I understand. It only comes out this season for only about 3 days and then disappears. That's about all I know about it.

47 farmer lady.jpg

Time to head back now.

49 bike w sunset.jpg
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Dec 26, 2018
We haven't had much sun here in Okinawa the past couple of days. It has mostly just been a little spotty rain and cloudy out. I was hoping to go up north for a photoshoot, but, I can't justify the $50 trip to get billowing grey and white clouds and dark blue water in my pictures, with the chance of pouring rain on top of all things.

I'm hoping the weather forecast in Okinawa is correct and Wednesday is the day I go out.

Some clouds are fine, but, I'd prefer none and a nice blue sky with teal waters.

However, for where I'm going, I would need to be out all day in the summer (if COVID-19 passes by then) in order to keep taking snapshots to stack and remove tourists as it's a heavily populated tourist area and I want a nice, picturesque, postcard shot. So, this is perfect timing to go and get the shots I need; I'd be in and out in 30 minutes to get other tourist spots too.

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