Fun So I went out and took some pictures

island cyclist

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Now I got to learn how to upload them from my camera to the computer. I'll post them then. There's a story behind each picture. I hope to tell each story about each picture.
I'm not in Okinawa, but in Yamaguchi-ken so I'm not sure where to actually post the pictures again. LOL
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island cyclist

island cyclist

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It would be great if you could add them to the Media Gallery as you can title each one and add a little description too. :)

Thanks for the heads up but David I'm currently busy commercially and do not handle individual handyman jobs at this time. @Pris I'm sure if you post this on OYS/bookoo someone will answer you within an hour, there are several guys running handyman companies on there---- good luck
Hmm how'd that happen ?
Well, lets see about posting in the Media Gallery.

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