Cat lover, dog lover or other?

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Not everything on Okinawa.Org (a blog, community-based forum, and much much more) has to be about Okinawa, hence, Off Topic Okinawa ("OTO").

In OTO, we'll from time to time create our own staff sponsored threads (some to be of our own opinion and some in relation to our organization as well), and even allow you to create your own threads—be it a joke you heard or a memory you had at one point in your life.

As a dad, I'll start this off with a painfully bad one-liner in relation to this thread and jokes (but, please, continue reading!):
Why are cats bad storytellers? Because they only have one tale. :LOL:?​

One thing is true about Okinawa, though, at one time, the majority of us, accompanied and some not (perhaps expats), will have a pet, be it brought over or gotten over here.

We started off with adopting Marron, a loving dog that we were lucky enough to adopt from Okinawa American Animal Rescue Society (OAARS). We at Okinawa.Org continue to intend on updating our series, Marron Matters, with places to take your dog where they won't be exposed to too much heat nor too much cold to enjoy longer days together. Maybe, since it's cooling down, we'll make that a focus to release one soon.

As for now, I'll start off this thread off, Show Us Your Pets, with a rescue that I couldn't have found without Marron though—Mickey. ?

Mickey: My first rescue from a local park. Assisted find with our adopted dog, Marron (though, not much help...)

In order to get to Mickey, I had to pass by him on my walk with Marron, twice. Each time I made a pass by, he'd be quiet as a mouse. But the third time? The third time I had to chain up Marron and walk by again. A kitten looked up at me and it seemed like with the last bit energy he made his last cry for help. I don't even want to post pictures or video of Mickey when I first found him as he was dirty and could barely walk, but was estimated to be two months old by the vet. I named him Mickey after the three distinct dots on his back that made up the face of Mickey Mouse. ?

The good news: He's perfectly healthy now. ☺

While @Marron holds an official title around here as the Chief Kainine Officer because she's capable of at least doing part to do what she can around here, like posing for pictures and finding new things to point out to the public.

Mickey has yet to fill his bill as he refuses even take snap while awake. In other words, he does what he wants. I'm pretty sure he believes he's the CEO and Chairman with the treatment he gets too, but, in actuality, he just shows up to work and steals stuff, such as our body heat when he's cold (he pretty much doesn't work here but gets paid as if he does). ?

If you like animals, share this thread, as we love them too. We'd love to see pictures of all the animals around Okinawa doing their things, inside our out! We'll even continue to update this thread with more pictures of Marron, Mickey and... Ginger(?). ?

So if you're an animal lover, join up, and even bookmark this page!
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OMG they are so lovely!!
Have you gotten them on the island or brought them from the states??
I assume the second one is a girl from the color pink? :love:


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I believe that you mentioned one dog's name is Mochi, but I don't recall you ever bringing up a 2nd or a name.

How do they get along and was it like that from the beginning or did it take time?

We took in several dogs, to either try and find homes for them from other fosters or to even become to adopter ourselves if it worked, but @Marron just would not take. She can barely take cats.

I know that behavior may be able to be trained, but I don't think that personality can. I truly think that it's Marron's personality to want to be number one and to affirm her as being so, even as annoying as it may being alone with her in the car for instance and her making you per her so that she can assure herself that she is a good dog or that she's better than that dog.

I would like to send her to training, but only for walking and acting properly when seeing something that excites her. However, I wouldn't want any training done that destroys her personality as we've been with her so long that we wouldn't want to lose her in such a way if that makes sense.

After a while, you learn what triggers her and are on the lookout for those things as well as things that interest you. While on the lookout for both, I saw something that I knew would immediately jump out at her and got down to her level quickly, thankfully with a lighter lense, then getting her action of clawing towards it at an attempted 100mph as usual.

This is actually from the same set. Can you tell the difference? As I know you're an artist, we're opening up various types of groups: The first being photography, but, we'll get to painting if you would like to help moderate that as well; and, the people don't necessarily have to be on Okinawa for them to post and get tips! ☺

Marron 1: Fake or real? Marron 2: Fake or real?

Photo 1Photo 2
Real or Fake?​
Real or Fake?​
Two pictures, looking at the thumbnail only, can you tell which is faked and which is real... and why? (Easy if you assume an answer from above)

But, this is getting into one of our next surprises that you inadvertently made me release earlier than anticipated! ?

Enjoy, the forum for Okinawa photography, primarily for learning and teaching... but to show off as well, to a limit (discussed in more detail as it develops), Okinawa Photographers! ????


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This is Jax. We adopted him on island about a year ago.
The cats on island have the greatest facial patterns ever! ?

Great looking dog as well!

This is one of our two cats taken in (also my profile picture, so he's not always lazy), Mickey, relaxing in his Christmas present from Santa. ?

Our cat Mickey


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Here is my second cat, Ginger, next to Mickey after he just sniffed his fair share of matatabi/silvervine (which you can pick up relatively cheap at Petbox in Chatan), which tends to relax them, and for some reason, lick away at anything. Traditional catnip makes them act wilder when they play while this seems more enjoyable and relaxing for them.

Mickey (left) & Ginger (right) enjoying matatabi/silvervine together

My wife, @Snow, found Ginger and we decided to take him in as well. He's so camouflaged in our house it's dangerous at times. We literally have to watch out step as he blends into almost everything!

How many cats do you think we have? ?

Answer: Probably not enough, yet.

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