Should RAW (DNG) Files Be Allowed?


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Should RAW (DNG) Files Be Allowed?
Should RAW (DNG) files be allowed in posts?


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Okinawa.Org Staff
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We certainly have the space to attach a RAW file (DNG preferable) to any image posted, even if you choose to post a smaller, user-visible, output of 2048 on the long end (Photoshop Lr CC) if you choose to "Attach files" within a thread.

Though we would prefer you to use the Media Gallery, create your own album and upload the JPEG there for all posts, the RAWs within the thread for formatting reasons.

The purpose of doing it this way is that it will show all your EXIF data. For instance, take this thumbnail with BB code to a from (a personal) gallery.

All the EXIF data down to the camera body and lens used, unless a historical one or others mounted that can't transfer all EXIF. In the latter case, the user will need to map out their settings in the text on the thread if they're asking for advice. If they're merely there to show off, a body, lens, and the main 3 should still be included per rules.

As this forum is still growing, and we're just starting to attract photographers, we will leave the poll open 60 days for now.
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