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Dec 26, 2018
When you reach the barrier to head towards Senaha Beach and walk further down, you'll be greeted with a Y in the path.

Take a left towards Senahaga Spring

If you take the right of the Y, you'll be at the main beachhead of Senaha Beach. However, if you take the left, you will walk down a path and see this pole to your right.

Marker for Senahaga Spring

It explains the history of Senahaga Spring in a little more detail as well as the present usage of it.

The history and usage of Senahaga Spring

Senahaga Spring and Ibinume Sacred Site said:
The Senahaga Spring offers abundant fresh water from behind the coastal rocks and has supported the lives of many from the prewar era until when tap water became available in the postwar period. A precious water source for the community, the spring was used for daily drinking water, laundry, the baby's first bath, and Wakamizu, the water offered to the deity on the morning of New Year's Day. Still today, the people of Senaha community offer prayers to the Senahaga on the day of Ufu Ugan and Futuchi Ugan to thank for the blessings of water.

Ibinume is a natural rock tunnel located to the southeast of Senahaga Spring. Considered a sacred spot where the gods dwell, the people of Senaha offer prayers here during the Shimi Festival.

Although it says that it was previously used for drinking water, it's not something that I'd attempt (unless absolutely necessary) with all the urban development of today.

Senahaga Spring

As it was previously used for laundering clothes, people, specifically snorkelers and scuba divers that go off the coast of Senaha Beach, have repurposed this to a postwar era spring and will lightly wash the salt water from their equipment.

A close up of the fresh water in Senahaga Spring
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Senahaga Spring, Senaha, Yomitan, Okinawa, Japan

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