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Dec 26, 2018
Senaha Beach in Yomitan is a wonderful beach for swimming, snorkeling, tide pooling, having a barbeque, kayaking, exploring the sea caves, and even camping out for the night.

Senaha Beach view panorama

Even though the tide is out in this picture, it shows you that even though it's a fairly small beach, there are separations to get away from other groups that may be there too. Also, it's a great location for tide pooling when the tide is out.

Advisable area for having a get-together, bbq or to set up a campsite.

If you want to throw a barbeque or go camping, it's advised to stick in this cavern area as if inclement weather does hit, it won't impact you much as there will be cover.

Cavern area log

I've been told that the tide can reach up to this log, that @Marron made as her own personal chair, right in front of the cavern area. However, you'll still be able to easily access the beach in typical weather conditions the same way you came in.

Tomb inside cave Cave pathway

Right behind the log, there's an entrance to a cave. You'll first see this emptied and abandoned tomb at the entrance, but don't let that alarm you. Take a right and you'll be guided into the ~15-meter long cave.

Cave cavern—kid size

This is a very kid-friendly cave to begin exploring in. My daughter and her friend found a cavern within it that I could probably get into, but, I let them explore it instead. It's very small, approximately a square meter or so—just big enough for two kids to be kids and hide away in.

Small climb in cave

There is one area that needs to be climbed, but it's fairly safe and these two tore it up all by themselves!

End of cave at Senaha Beach Accomplishment after going through one of Senaha Beach's cave

Before you know it, you'll be at the exit (or entrance, depending on which way you went in) as it's a very short cave. But, this sense of accomplishment for kids can get them ready to take on something a little darker, and longer, like Todoroki Trench.

Panorama of Senaha Beach from the inland

There are many other sea caves on the shoreline to the left of Senaha Beach too.

Second sea cave at Senaha Beach

This is the closest sea cave that we were going to venture into for the day. It's much shorter, say about 5 meters up, around, and back down. But, it's still a fun activity for kids. I've been warned that when the tide comes in that many of the caves are inaccessible because the tide will come up and into the caves, so watch the tides if you're going out!

Senaha Beach is dog friendly: Marron

Oh, and if you didn't recognize already because of my ramblings on about snorkeling and kid-friendly cave exploration, this beach is dog-friendly too! Aside from my dog, there was also a German Shepard that looked like she loved digging her way to China in the sand and later on, two Dachshund dogs showed while we were BBQing it up as well.

Have fun with whatever you decide to do at Senaha Beach, and to also clean up after yourselves! :)
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Senaha Beach セナハビーチ, Senaha, Yomitan, Okinawa, Japan

Rob Oechsle

Jun 8, 2019
I'm only showing the 300-yard southeast section of the beaches, coves, and tunnels. This is the main "Family Adventure" stretch for beach-bumming, walking the coral flats, and exploring the nooks and crannies.

The layout of Senaha Beach and the many adventures you can find there.

However, when the tide comes in, this is also a SWIMMING BEACH.

If the tides are right, you can EXPAND YOUR ADVENTURE by walking up the coast along the bluffs on the northwest side of the Senahaga Spring.

Have a nice day if you go. Cheers.

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