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Okinawa.Org Staff
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Okinawa.Org is seeking 1 moderator.

We will need the moderator due to:
  • Adding a better classifieds function that should be utilized more in order to move items and/or be an arbitrator of feedback; and
  • Delete photos that are uploaded in the forum or gallery because we will be allowing anyone to create albums and to upload, regardless of status here (the only requirement will be 1 type of engagement, which could be as little as a like).
The site's reputation will be at risk if photos are uploaded and not deleted before a majority can see them.

Keep in mind that if you would like this duty, it is all volunteer. Please contact this account through a conversation or to post a new thread in Contact Okinawa.Org Support (a private forum only you and Okinawa.Org staff can see). We will outline what is and what isn't acceptable material on the site with the volunteer as well as what benefits being a moderator can give you (as it's unpaid, this small duty can help your local business out with a couple of minutes of your day).

Thank you,
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