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Reporting a post that is found unnecessary or even offensive is crucial at building a good-standing community that is welcome to all walks of life and all ideas. This especially goes true if it's in violation of any of the official rules of Okinawa.Org, created by the community for the community in a democratic-like process.

A post that is reported goes directly to staff members to make a decision. All reports are kept anonymous so there is no fear of who reported who. For the most part, the reporter will only receive a notification if an action was taken, but not necessarily always what action was taken.

In order to start the reporting process, simply click "Report" at the bottom left of any message or content on the entire site.

While staff may be able to determine what is wrong with the reported contents on our own, it would be helpful to get insight by the reporter as we will be able to build more rules easier by understanding more people and their views on various subjects. Therefore, if you report a post, please take a moment of your time to fill out a little bit of the "Report reason" in the popup box to clue staff members in to start a democratic process of implementing rules on Okinawa.Org.
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