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Could someone recommend a bike rental shop for an e bike MTB or Cross bike , I'd like to spend 10 -14 days cycling around the island in December , and any good spots for wild camping , Tia
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I left Okinawa at the end of August. Too hot to cycle and camp so ended up at a hotel. I think your best bet is to go to Donkey Hotei there in Naha and buy one of them cross bikes. The go to a bike shop and get your options put on. Then before leaving Okinawa , go to a recycle shop and pawn your bike.
Take route 58 and go north. Also FB has some stuff on cycling and camping Okinawa. I probably will try again next May, but I'm not going to haul my bike from Yamaguchi, just camp stuff and buy a bike at Donkey Hotei. For me, it will be better to it that way. Hope this helps you out a bit. Wild camping is what I also had planned, but it didn't materialize so I can't help you out on that. Go to fb.

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