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Dec 27, 2018
Generally, Japanese is spoken in two ways. One of which is formal while the other is casual.

Although leaning the formal way might be what most people think is best, it's not often used amongst friends. As such, it can be difficult for you to understand what people around you are talking about.

So, I thought I would offer a casual Japanese lesson here, which would be easier to understand and memorize, yet, it's actually how locals speak.

Casual Japanese tends to start a specific time, a noun, and then lastly, a verb.

If you stick to this order, most of the conversation with your Japanese friends will be much easier for you to understand.

I am going to an izakaya today.
Kyo izakaya iku.
(Today, izakaya, go)

As you can see here, Japanese speakers almost always omit subjects so it can be confusing at times about who or what is being spoken about.

One more thing to remember about Japanese, as the verb "going" is spoken as just "go", it's used for present tense, future tense, as well as regular occurrences.

I go to izakayas.
(Itsumo) izakaya iku.
(always, izakayas, go)

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You can pull out your Japanese dictionary to expand your noun and verb vocabulary and start speaking Japanese right away!

As always, feel free to ask questions below and to come to join us in playing Shiritori to expand your vocabulary! :)
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