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Dec 27, 2018
Privacy FAQ
All account related privacy settings can be found in the Privacy section of Okinawa.Org. This is also accessible by clicking on your avatar (or avatar followed by your name on a desktop view) and "Privacy" from the sub-menu.
  1. How do I change my online status?

    Your online status notifies others that you, your set username, is specifically online viewing the site. It will also, in places, show a green indicator around your avatar signifying to others that you are online. To turn this off, simply leave "Show your online status" unchecked. Doing so, by default, will turn off your activity as well. You can leave your online status on and turn off just viewing activity (see: below).

  2. How do I turn off my current activity?

    Current activity shows what members are actively doing in various areas around the forum. For example, this can be such as what content their viewing (title and section only) to whether or not they're engaged in a conversation (PM, but cannot view the contents of such unless invited to). If you wish to have your online status on and make everyone aware that you're on the site, but don't wish to have everyone know what you're specifically doing, you can leave "Show your online status" checked while unchecking "Show your current activity".

  3. How can I turn off the display of my birthday?

    By joining through social media logins (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google), your full birthday may be imported or you may have provided this yourself upon manual registration. You have three options here: Turn your birthday completely off by unchecking "Show day and month of birth", show your month of birth with its year by leaving it checked alongside "Show year of birth" (ex: January 3, 2019), or just showing the month and day by unchecking "Show year of birth" (ex: January 3). By using these privacy settings, depending on the setting, regular users will not know your birthday; however, you may still get an automated birthday wishes alert on this site to a birthday email unless unsubscribed (see question 4).

  4. How do I turn off email updates?

    You are notified by email about activity, such as replies and likes, on threads and other items that you "watch". This is so that you can see what engagement occurred prior to coming back to the site to participate again. Leaving this set can be good for many reasons, one of which being if you have a classifieds listing posted and want a notification about an inquiry. Additionally, from time to time, we will email—never bombard—you entire site-wide updates to include the most popular content for you to decide whether you want to come back or not; this option allows us to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act by allowing you to opt-out of those newsletters on the site (which will also be an option provided in the emails themselves).

  5. What are these additional privacy settings?

    The following settings can be applied to nobody (with the exception of privileged staff members who will guard and respect your privacy per our ToS), all visitors (completely public, but by default, the forum disallows search-engines to directly link in to your profile; someone would have to have a direct link to access it), members only (registered members of this site), and people you follow (those you receive updates from).

  • View your details on your profile page: Set permissions for people to view your profile page. Depending on which setting you enabled above, users will run into the error of "this member limits who may view their full profile" when visiting your profile.
  • Post messages on your profile page: Consider this a "Facebook wall" that is visible in your profile, but updates of such are made public in some areas of the forum.
  • Receive your news feed: This is similar to you posting to your own "Facebook wall" and only those granted permissions to see will be allowed to view them.
  • Start conversations with you: Allow these members to initiate conversations with you. Remember, though, if you're selling items, you will want to keep this at a minimum of "members only" to get inquiries on the listing.
  • View your identities: Grants permissions to the selected users to view your identities, set in Account Details, such as your Skype, Facebook, and Twitter handles (your e-mail will never be displayed).
Last updated: January 3, 2019
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