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Unlike other forums on Okinawa.Org, Okinawa Pin Drops does not have a quick post option, as seen below, as all other forums on desktop and mobile do. This is because there are required fields, as well as a Google Places autocomplete field, to help you find coordinates much easier.


Additionally, you won't see the usual "Post Thread" option button, either. This has been replaced with a clearer "Drop Pin" button, which essentially does the same thing but makes it clear to everyone that you're about to post a place and not a usual thread; though, you're more than welcome to share any experience of any place you've been in Okinawa within forums like Everything Okinawa.


Once you enter the "Drop Pin" selection, you will notice that it's set up in the usual manner of posting a traditional thread, with one exception.


Autocomplete for "Naha Airport"


Once selected, the coordinates are already added (required if the location is not found)

You will need to post coordinates. If you don't know the coordinates, you can fill in the location name with its name and they will be attempted to be pulled and automatically filled in for you.

Post the "thread" (pin drop) as usual.

However, the thread will remain in moderation for Okinawa.Org staff to verify the legitimacy of a place and that all location data is correct. If you are thorough enough with your title and description, we will be able to assist in placing the coordinates in for you prior to approving it for everyone to see.
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