Sightseeing Possible trip to Hacksaw Ridge?


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I thought so, until I got there.

My initial plans were to finally visit Hacksaw Ridge today. However, I only had an hour to explore. I thought to myself, "That ought to be enough time to see and document it all." Once I arrived to the site by GPS, I knew that wasn't going to be the case.

I zoomed in on the map to try and locate where I needed to go and noticed the vast open area and many different routes to take, each with something unique to offer.

I underestimated Urosoe Park; it's quite large and full of history at that.

I ended up parking and deciding to see one area at a time, only to revisit the site another day for more.

I cut left out of the parking area and hit up Urosoe Castle Ruins instead, thinking that I could see Desmond Doss Point before swinging back around to Hacksaw Ridge prior to leaving—mistaken again, it's far too large to go everywhere in one hour.

Thus, here is trip one to the Urasoe Castle Ruins (more to come later).

Take a tour:
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