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While going through my old photos, some of which I trimmed from the PARCO CITY sneak peek blog post on opening day, I found this one that I passed over:

PARCO's opening day was June 27th, 2019, and nobody would have ever imagined that Shuri Castle would be burnt to the ground, in a fire that yields no answers of the cause to this day, just 4 months later. This, and the fact that the post was about what PARCO CITY had to offer in the way of stores and such, is probably why it and a lot of other photos never made it to the article or gallery.

I'm unsure if this is still on display at PARCO or not, but it doesn't seem to be unique. I ran a search and found that a Shuri Castle LEGO brick replica was on display in 2017 during LEGO's Piece of Peace World Tour.

Seeing the search results made me question whether there's an "instruction book" for recreating this, at the same time, contemplating whether I'd have enough patience to put together the 10,000 pieces required to complete it.

The sign attached to the table that the castle was on said that it took 23 days of combined man-hours by one person. Meaning, it would probably take me 5 or more years to complete as that's 552 days just working one hour a day! :oops:

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