INFO OVH fire may be the reason for Okinawa.Org outage


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It appears like the fire at OVH in France may be the reason why Okinawa.Org is not resolving for those in Japan. It went down for me at about 1700 but works fine on a U.S. VPN.

The fire engulfing the OVHcloud France facility

That doesn't look as pretty as it did prior to the fire... facility and server locations

And it looks like a lot, if not all, isn't salvageable... fire aftermath

Let this be a lesson to you that even important files in your email could go up in flames at any time. I never plan on something as catastrophic as this happening, but I have had hardware failures which is why I have a couple of redundant copies of my sites.
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So that was the reason your site was down?
Most likely.

I tested all VPNs in East Asia and the site was inaccessible, but good from America (where a lot of people are "coming from" in Okinawa due to their internet service providers) and other locations.

After OVHcloud pushed out that services were working as expected, we were back up.

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Yeah, I was checking in a couple times at that time it your site was down. I was thinking you were working on trying to fix the stay log in thing.

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