Question On a serious note... why do you live in Okinawa?

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For those living and working in Okinawa, what are your realistic thoughts of the benefits of living on such an island.

Do you feel its like a mini-paradise of some sort? Is it a daily adventure.

Anyway, the question would probably be reversed by asking this... if you wanted to move from Okinawa, why... ⛩️
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island cyclist

island cyclist

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not living here by choice because I'm a dependent, but it's much like home in Florida
I was stationed at Homestead AB and then shipped off to Okinawa. Just really loved it there. Good martial schools back then. Probably now all commercialized. I would think now the schools are kind of empty.
I do miss living in Florida. Did live in North East Miami and worked at Jackson Barns ( something like that ). Was the only one that spoke English as I recall back then.

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