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DISCUSS Okinawa's most popular beer taps military ties to US


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Prior to reading this news, I thought that I was the only one after EAS'ing from the military in 2008 to be surprised to find a quinte liquor store back in my hometown stocked with Orion beer. It was a must-have at the time and I stocked up on it despite the $3-$4 per can cost as it "connected" me to Okinawa, until I could relocate once again just a couple months later.

Hopefully, the new business deal is just that: Business and not sacrificing the quality of the brew so that it can continue to be enjoyed outside of Okinawa as intended.

It'd be a shame if they watered it down or changed the recipe as we, for the most part, have grown accustomed to the flavors behind it. The best example of this that I can come up with is watered-down Budweiser in the States, but the import, I believe brewed here, being a tad-bit more flavorful—there's something about the Japanese version that makes it bearable. Having an opposite effect may very well be the end of Orion sales overseas if tourists get a taste of it while they're in Okinawa.

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