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Kenko Leaf

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I study Okinawan language a little bit here and there and want to record some of my studies here. :)
My recordings may not be correct, but that is part of learning. Correct me if you can.

One word I learned today is 'churasan'. It means 'beautiful' or 'pretty'.

Everyone knows 'Churaumi' aquarium. 'Churasan' is often shortened to 'chura' when attached to another word.

'Chura'= Beautiful
'Umi' = Ocean/Sea

also seen in the word 'churakagi'.

'Churakagi'= beautiful woman

But 'churasan' alone means beautiful as a stand-alone word.
Likely in the situation of:

'Look at this dress.'

I am still studying how else to use this word, such as when to contract it or use it, but this is what I gathered so far. Nifedebiru!
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Well, I learned something new. Thanks!

I know a lot of brands have roots in language, much like they do in English, or even other languages elsewhere for that matter.

Another example of this is Orion entering the chuhai market with "WATTA", meaning "us" in Okinawan.

I never gave "chura" in Churaumi a second thought. But now I realize why one of my favorite beach's name is Chura SUN Beach.

I've always been under the impression that "kirei" and a few other words meant "beautiful" myself. :)

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