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Dec 17, 2018
In business, consistency and persistence are both vital keys in order to be successful. They go hand in hand. You let one slip, and the other will soon follow and your business will be flat on its face in no time. This site is a family-owned, est. 12/31/2018, with a mission to give back and a vision, to give as much as we can back, by giving it our all.

A little backstory of how knowledge is power, whether you understand photography or not, you should understand how this all falls into place.

@David got into photography much sooner, though. He knew that he would eventually upgrade to a full-frame body, so he asked himself shortly after his purchase and a few (if any) snaps on the kit lens, "Why pay about the same for better lenses for a crop sensor 'kit camera' [that you typically only find at PX/Exchange] as you can for full-frame lenses that will still work on your crop body [in, at least, Canon's case]?'

The answer was a no-brainer to him: So, the first lens he set out to get, and dump the 18-55mm kit lens, even though the 18mm on his full frame body would be nice about now, was the 24-105mm F4L USM from Canon with that nice red ring around it—that screams "PRO, PRO, PRO!" to some, while others give a weird look for having that lens attached to a T6i—pairs nicely on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV now.

Back to the T6i with the 24-105mm. This was shot at 85mm, and with Canon's 1.6x crop factor, that's approximately 136mm. I'm not sure that this shot could've been accomplished on the horrid Canon T6 (yes, T6 that they keep trying to pawn off at hundreds off from the i model on the end of that to hook you in with it lacking simple features such as a touch and swivel screen).

Though, not really the point. He just so happened to do two things right at the time: 1) Shoot in both JPEG and RAW—which he exclusively shoots in RAW now, and 2) understand the basic concepts of framing and the exposure triangle as he at least shot in aperture priority and not full auto—at times he will still use Av mode, but tends to stick with M, with sometimes using automatic ISO to "think" quicker on his feet during differently lit scenes to get the same shot, as well as B(ulb) to get interval timed shots for timelapse videos as well as long exposure shots for astrophotography as well as day shots with using ND filters, sometimes stacking multiple shots to get something desired like no traffic on route 58.

This all reverts back to the beginning of the story, although not for business, it combines two words: Consistency and persistence. Without consistently using his camera, as well as studying on YouTube and taking everyone's critical feedback to improve himself, he would not get better. Additionally, without persistence, he wouldn't be able to see what he sees through the prism of a lens to get the most megapixels out of a shot as possible as well as post-edit the photos he gets to his desire.

Like the Founder with his ventures, prior to, and the existence of this site, the Co-founder has run successful businesses before marrying the Founder as well as persistently pushing herself to build her own business to be one of the leading independent businesses in her niche in Naha, Okinawa, because she was consistent with the things she had to do, be it make a blog post per day, as well as persistent with following up with potential clients.

We didn't want to make this all about @David, the Founder, and @Snow, the Co-founder, of Okinawa.Org though.

We wanted to make this about business, business specifically taking place in Okinawa. Whether you're here short term on orders or decided to live here long term, entrepreneurship, and not through the empty promises of passive income you see on nearly every YouTube video with BOOKS behind you in every video owning a Lamborghini, might be your passion. And, it might be the leading way to permanent success while in Okinawa.

You just need to find your current positive traits, empty the negativity so it doesn't clog up the pipelines for those traits to come out to flourish and grow, and proceed from there.

The real question is: What are your realistic, reasonable goals right now that you can apply your positive traits to in order to come out 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year later, each time even a little bit better than before?

We won't post the internals of this site as we further our growth, but, if there are enough participants, we will be building businesses from the ground up as we expand into different areas and divisions that ultimately help this site dominate Google, Bing, etc. for search results on just about everything Okinawa related, and sharing relevant information to help you succeed if you possess the same traits, whether your business be landscape or housecleaning in Okinawa.

Let's talk business, shall we?
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island cyclist

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Mar 26, 2020
Having owned 2 businesses in the past and helped out another as a non-owner ( yet did everything to have it grow) a business is a second heart in us. If one shares the happy heart with its customers, its pure sunshine all day long for that person. As with any type of "real " business, we learn as we grow. I found myself during the great real estate rush for people to buy land in southern California. ( land was a speciality of my profession ) It got very busy for me, but one thing I always lived with in the landscape of a business owner is that " honesty is my best policy ".
That policy brought me a very good reputation in the land business.

I hope to see this site not only grown as a community, but also grow as to put your members first, which I've found here to be at 100%.

Keep up the great work, Snow and David.

island cyclist

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