Park Okinawa Prefectural People's Forest (Kenmin no Mori)

0900-1830 (April 1-August 31) & 0900-1730 (September 1-March 31)
Free / varies on facility and equipment used
Forest of Residents' State Park (Kenmin-no-Mori) -- A beginners trail map to get you started:

Map of Okinawa Prefectural People's Forest (Kenmin no Mori) in Onna, Okinawa

Questions about this place keep popping up, so I decided to adopt a local trail map with some overlaid notes and post it for this group. Intentionally simple, it leaves plenty of room for you to discover a lot on your own.

Auto roads are in white, hiking trails are in colors.

This family park for sports, hiking, camping, and nature walks is open to all during daylight hours only.

NOTE: "Closed" means the auto roads are closed. On those days, you must find parking somewhere else, and walk in... which will add another mile or more to any hike or walk you take.

If you like peaks with a view, the expansive coastline along the East China Sea is great from the top of Meh-Yama (also called Atta-Dake) --- along the Mountain Top Trail, which is accessible from many side trails. The trail along the ridgeline was made in such a way that you get a great view looking south from one spot, and a great view north from another spot.

As I note on the map, there is over 4 km of trails.

There are lots to see and do there. If you have kids, bring 'em along. Ice cream, drinks, and snacks at the Camp Store if they are open. Always lots of fun before or after a hike :):)

♥ BACK ENTRANCE when coming from KIN / CAMP HANSEN:
♥ KID'S NATURE MUSEUM (Sparse Displays, but good for a quick break, along with some buttons to push, and listen to the sounds of Okinawa's different Birds and Cicadas) --- Right across from the "SCIENCE MUSEUM" which has more displays along the same lines:

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Okinawa Prefectural People's Forest, 2028 Afuso, Onna, Okinawa, Japan


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Yes. My plan was to visit Okinawa , cycling and camping till I ran out of money and then panhandle at the Family Marts. ;)
:ROFLMAO: i will throw some money your way IC! Wait if my wife finds out i might be sitting with you panhandling :ROFLMAO: just kidding just ride by my place i will help you out and you can get back on your way. im friendly that way.

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A friend in need is a friend indeed. Thanks
The lottery is closed now in Japan.
They want to keep us all poor.
And we haven't received any papers to fill out for the 100000 yen stuff.
I do hope Abe continues for a couple of months with the 100000 payments.
Japanese Nenkin of 29000 yen paid every 2 months isn't much to survive on.


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panhandling is something I've never done in my time
not sure if I have what it takes to panhandle
Don't you watch any movies LOL It's easy, just buy a really dark pair of sunglasses, cut up some old clothese you have, roll them in dirt, put some dirt on your face and hands, get a old coffee mug with a chip missing out of it or and old cambell's soup can LMAO! sit out side the stores door like homeless cats do LMAO and have a small sign saying help me hanging around your neck. Their ya go thats how you panhandle LMAO

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